EDP Bookings

Open hours

All equipment bookings must be made in person at Tech Check (Shwayder RM 214)

Spring Quarter 2024

Monday:       11a-12:50p, 3-4:50p

Tuesday:       12-12:50p, 3-4:50p

Wednesday:  11a-12:50p, 3-4:50p

Thursday:     12-12:50p, 4-4:50p

Friday:          12-12:50p


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TechCheck Manager: 

Robb Corker


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EDP Homepage: https://www.du.edu/ahss/edp/ 


EDPDU TechCheck Terms of Service

EDP Equipment Usage:

  • I accept full and sole responsibility for the safe return of all equipment I have reserved, and acknowledge all of the EDP TechCheck policies below.
  • I understand that TechCheck equipment is intended only for Emergent Digital Practices coursework.
  • I will not use TechCheck equipment for hired work, or in the service of any other company, organization, or person, whether for pay or otherwise. This includes University of Denver coursework outside of EDP coursework. In addition, I will not allow anyone to borrow or use the equipment that was reserved in my name.
  • My enrollment in an EDP course will be verified before equipment can be checked out.
  • My equipment privileges are dependent on EDP course enrollment and good-standing according to equipment policies and procedures.
  • I may only reserve equipment for myself and no other person.
  • I understand that I may only reserve equipment designated by the faculty for my EDP course and I do not have permission to checkout additional gear.
  • The gear will be inspected by the TechCheck Manager prior to checkout and upon return.
  • By accepting the equipment during pickup, I accept the responsibility of ensuring I have received all the equipment component parts as listed on the reservation forms.
  • Accepting this equipment agreement will be considered an accurate record of the equipment I have received and its condition.
  • All equipment listed on the checkout form will be due back in working condition. If anything is missing or damaged, I agree to pay the applicable charges and fees listed below.

Equipment Scheduling, Pickup, Returns

  • TechCheck open hours for each quarter are listed on the EDP department website and TechCheck office door.
  • I may pickup and return equipment only during the designated TechCheck hours each quarter.
  • A typical equipment checkout is 48 hours (i.e. pickup Monday, return at same time on Wednesday)
  • Extended checkouts are not permitted without advanced permission from EDP faculty and TechCheck Management.
  • All equipment in my possession must be returned by the agreed due date. It is my responsibility to know the TechCheck schedule and plan accordingly to ensure that equipment is returned on time.
  • Equipment renewals are granted on a case-by-case basis. The TechCheck Manager holds the right to accept or deny a renewal request at all times.
  • Equipment will be returned in clean, well­-packed, and fully functional condition. The TechCheck manager will inspect and test equipment and I will allow ample time for this inspection.
  • If I am unable to return my gear on time due to sickness or emergency, I will contact TechCheck Management during TechCheck hours before the equipment is due.
  • TechCheck Staff can be reached by email at edptechcheck@gmail.com

Missing & Damaged Equipment

  • I accept full accountability for the equipment in my possession. I will pay repair and/or replacement costs for any equipment damaged or lost while in my possession, including all components, accessories, cables, media, and cases.
  • If an item or component part of an item is not in the package at the time of return, I will be held responsible for its replacement.
  • If an item or component part of an item is damaged at the time of return, I will be held responsible for its repair costs.
  • I will be given 7 days to find and return the missing or damaged item(s).
  • If not returned in 7 days, EDP will bill me for the replacement costs of the item(s) and I will have 14 days from the date of billing to make a payment. Payments accepted by Check only, made payable to “The University of Denver” with “EDP gear replacement” written in the memo.
  • My access to TechCheck gear will be suspended until the debt is paid in full and possibly in perpetuity.
  • I will be notified of the repair costs as soon as an estimate is acquired by the repair provider. I will pay any related fees within seven days of receiving the cost estimate.

Equipment Privileges Suspension

  • The TechCheck Manager and EDP Faculty hold the right to suspend my equipment privileges at any time, especially if I violate any policies contained in this document.
  • If I am more than seven days late on any given checkout, my privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the quarter and possibly in perpetuity.
  • Repeated policy violations may result in my checkout privileges being permanently revoked.
  • Repeated  violations  of  the  above  rules  and  regulations  can  result  in  additional fines & fees, and/or permanent  suspensions  of  checkout  privileges  as  determined by  the  TechCheck  Management and  EDP program leadership.